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Join us for a double feature episode where we review two recent Beatle-related films, John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky and Yesterday. We go through the plots, some of the highlights, discuss the key moments, and give our recommendations. Enjoy!


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Here is our review of the new Abbey Road super deluxe anniversary set! We discuss the Giles Martin/Sam Okell remix, the "sessions" tracks (unreleased stuff), the packaging, the special audio versions, and much more. Should you get this? Of course!


In this episode, we explore the meaning and music behind John Lennon's first single release of 1969, "Give Peace A Chance," backed with Yoko's "Remember Love." As usual, enjoy numerous cover versions and stories about this iconic song!



In this episode, we walk through Sean Lennon's musical project and recordings with bassist Les Claypool. We discuss Lennon's songs from the albums both musically and lyrically, and talk about where these efforts fit into Sean's catalog. Very interesting music, to say the least!


Let's go back to June 1966 to hear the Beatles play their first concerts in Germany since 1962. They are recording Revolver at the time, and yet their live show is filled with tunes from a few years ago. We discuss the set list, the performances, and the importance of the performance in context.

We also share some recent Beatles news related to various releases, as well as the upcoming Abbey Road super deluxe box set. Enjoy!


In this episode, we revisit George Harrison's 1979 self-titled solo album. Was this George's high point at the end of the 1970s? We discuss what makes the album work so well lyrically and musically, and where it fits within George's solo work. At the end, Chris shares his review of seeing Jeff Lynne's ELO with opening act Dhani Harrison, who was an important inspiration for George Harrison

How does Paul McCartney's 2018 solo album Egypt Station hold up nearly 9 months and three+ versions later? We discuss the different configurations, the new bonus tracks, and Paul's marketing schemes in general.

In this episode, we discuss John Lennon's "Cold Turkey" and the B-side "Don't Worry Kyoko" by Yoko Ono, the second of two singles by John Lennon in 1969. As always, we talk about the music and lyrics, the recording context, as well as play cover songs.


In this episode, we dig into the many connections between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones from their beginnings to the present. These two groups competed with each other to some extent, but were good friends and collaborators and seem to have a strong affection for one another. Enjoy!

In this episode, Dave interviews Brian Hebert, the author of Blue Notes and Sad Chords: Color-Coded Harmony in the Beatles' 27 #1 Hits:

We discuss Brian's background, his unique approach to studying the music of the Beatles, as well as discuss a couple of his favorite tunes.

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In the first of an occasional series where we look at a particular year in the Beatles' story, we examine the year 1984 and what was happening in Beatlesworld. Paul released his flop movie Give My Regards To Broad Street, John's Milk and Honey was released posthumously, Ringo did some TV work and hosted SNL, and George made a guest appearance with another famous British group. Oh, and a Beatle son released his first and most successful album. We discuss what other music was like during that year, and why the Beatles were particularly adrift and lost in their creative careers.

We're back after a bit of a hiatus with a new episode digging into Ringo Starr's 1972 single, "Back Off Boogaloo." We talk about the music and lyrics, sample some covers (including a Czech one for Dave!), and even get into a little disagreement about Ringo's brother-in-law, Joe Walsh. 

We're back now, so stay tuned for more episodes soon!


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In the first of an occasional series, we look at important gigs in the Beatles' career. This episode examines the Beatles' performances in late December 1962 at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. We discuss the set list, the sound of the group, place this gig into context, and discuss how important Hamburg was for the Beatles. Enjoy!

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In this episode, we explore some of the great (and interesting, of course) covers of George Harrison songs. We'll discuss covers by Harrison's friends like Harry Nilsson and Tom Petty, as well as many other lesser-known artists who pay tribute to George's music by recording his songs.

Our first episode of 2019 is a review of the streaming version (2 disc) of Paul's Red Rose Speedway remaster and bonus tracks. We get into all the issues and songs with plenty of Paul histrionics, stoned tunes, some weird lyrics, and of course the big medley at the end of the album. Hope you enjoy the episode!


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For our final episode of 2018, go under the microscope once more with us as we examine Cream's 1968 song "Badge," co-written by Eric Clapton and... L'Angelo Mysterioso? Find out who that is, what we think the song means, what's happening in the music, and of course, you'll hear some unusual covers (including a non-English version). 

Thanks for your support in 2018, and we look forward to even more Beatle fun in 2019!

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In this bonus episode for the holidays, listen in as Dave interviews four different scholars who attended and presented along with him at the White Album conference in New Jersey in November. You will hear Dr. Kathryn Cox, Dr. Katie Kapurch, Dr. Gabe Lubell, and Aviv Kammay discuss all things White Album.




Here it is! Our 2018 holiday gift guide to all things Beatles, as well as several non-Beatle releases of interest. We discuss all sorts of merchandise, from recordings to t-shirts. Enjoy!

We discuss the tremendous six-CD/Blu-ray box set out now for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles (The White Album). We talk about the book, the CDs, the wonderful Esher Demos, as well as the look into the White Album sessions. A must have! Enjoy and feel free to write us at

In this episode, we dissect the new Imagine: The Ultimate Collection box set from John Lennon, and discuss the packaging, content, and fascinating alternate versions of Imagine tunes found on this excellent collection. A great deal both in terms of content and price! Let us know what you think on our Facebook page, Twitter, or by email (

The link for the White Album conference Dave is presenting at from November 8-11 is here:

In this episode, we conclude our look at Apple artists compiled on the 2010 album Come And Get It: The Best of Apple Records. We've had fun examining the careers and music of famous Apple alumni like Badfinger, Mary Hopkin, and James Taylor in full episodes, but what about the Hot Chocolate Band? The Radha Krishna Temple? David Peel? 

Join us for a tour of Apple odds and sods and let us know your thoughts on the episode on Facebook, Twitter, or by email (


Here is our review of Paul McCartney's new album Egypt Station that came out on September 7. We discuss the background of the album, and give track-by-track analysis of each song. Share your own thoughts about the album on our Facebook page, Twitter, or by email (


In this episode, Dave interviews Dr. Jan (Honza) Blüml, a professor of musicology at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic about the Beatles behind the Iron Curtain. Dr. Blüml is an expert on popular music and communism, and shares his insights about how people heard the Beatles' music, what they thought of it, and the cultural impact of the group during communism. Enjoy this episode on a fascinating topic!


Dr. Blüml's book (in Czech):

Great site about the Beatles in Czech:


In this episode we examine the many different styles and techniques of John Lennon's (often-overlooked) guitar playing. We discuss topics like his rhythm guitar playing, his fingerpicking, and his "raw" feel as a guitarist. Share your own selections with us on our Facebook page or via email.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film Yellow Submarine, as well as its reappearance in theaters, this episode looks at the iconic animated Beatles classic. We discuss the plot, songs, characters, as well as how it holds up 50 years later. 

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We discuss our initial thoughts about the two new Paul McCartney songs "I Don't Know" and "Come On To Me" in this episode, and share our hopes for the new album "Egypt Station" coming out on September 7. What do you think of the new Macca music?

Enjoy this bonus episode of Dave discussing a performance he heard of Paul McCartney's 2001/2006 classical piece Ecce Cor Meum in the Czech Republic on 6/17/18 (one day before Paul's birthday!). He shares some thoughts on Paul as a classical composer in general, and concludes with an excerpt from the piece.


We go back "under the microscope" to examine the lead tune from George Harrison's 1979 eponymous album. We discuss the music, lyrics, personnel, and play a couple of interesting cover versions. Enjoy this look at a solo Harrison tune.

In this episode, we talk about our most desired Beatles and solo releases. Some of these are fan favorites like the movie Let It Be and the Shea Stadium Concert, but we also have many other suggestions as well. Be sure to share your own on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or by email (

In this episode we step back and look at Ringo Starr's entire life and musical career in honor of his recent knighting. We discuss some of his key contributions to the Beatles, and then launch into a survey of his solo career up to the present day. You'll also hear a fun example of his TV work in the 1980s, and a clip from his 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Congratulations to Sir Ringo!

For this episode, we asked our listeners on Facebook to tell us a song that "defines" Paul McCartney as an artist, performer, musician, etc., and give their reasons why. In this episode, hear the selections along with commentary from listeners and Dave and Chris. There are many familiar choices, but there are a few more obscure tunes that present another side that "defines" McCartney. 

In this episode, we discuss and rank the 25 cover songs the Beatles recorded commercially during their career. Hear out thoughts about tunes ranging from "Twist and Shout" to "Maggie Mae," and many in between.

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This episode digs into the song "Revolution 1" and the single "Revolution." We discuss the differences between the two versions, provide musical and lyrical analysis, and of course, play several cover songs of this iconic tune written 50 years ago.

In this second installment about Beatles-related films, we examine Martin Scorsese's 2011 film "George Harrison: Living In The Material World," now showing on Netflix. We share our thoughts about the movie's main thrust, as well as discuss many discoveries and stories told in the film.

Bonus episode! Dave interviews author Jude Southerland Kessler (John Lennon Series) back on October 10, 2017 about her current book project coming out in 2018, her upcoming speaking appearances, and some great stories from the lives of the Beatles in 1964.

Happy New Year!

This episode features a discussion about Paul McCartney's 2007 album Memory Almost Full. We divide the tracks into four different categories, and end up disagreeing on the worth of several tracks. Give the album a spin and tune into our analysis.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Just in time for the shopping season, check out our annual episode where we discuss all sorts of Beatles-related recordings, DVDs, books, and much more. We also share our favorite classic reissue, as well as a non-Beatles track that you might like. 

In this episode, we dissect the early John Lennon song "I Call Your Name," which never found a happy home in the Beatles catalog (it was put on an EP, then a B-side, etc.). We discuss some interesting instrumental and musical features about the song, and as always, play you a variety of unique cover songs. Enjoy!

In this episode we review and discuss Dhani Harrison's new album "In Parallel." Dave and Chris both give it a thumbs up and argue that Dhani's first solo album is well worth a listen.

In this episode, Dave interviews Andy Leach, Senior Director of Library and Archives at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. Andy talks about everything Beatles-related at the Museum and in the Library/Archives, and shares a lot of history about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too.


Check out the Library/Archive/Museum website at:


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