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In this second installment about Beatles-related films, we examine Martin Scorsese's 2011 film "George Harrison: Living In The Material World," now showing on Netflix. We share our thoughts about the movie's main thrust, as well as discuss many discoveries and stories told in the film.

Bonus episode! Dave interviews author Jude Southerland Kessler (John Lennon Series) back on October 10, 2017 about her current book project coming out in 2018, her upcoming speaking appearances, and some great stories from the lives of the Beatles in 1964.

Happy New Year!

This episode features a discussion about Paul McCartney's 2007 album Memory Almost Full. We divide the tracks into four different categories, and end up disagreeing on the worth of several tracks. Give the album a spin and tune into our analysis.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Just in time for the shopping season, check out our annual episode where we discuss all sorts of Beatles-related recordings, DVDs, books, and much more. We also share our favorite classic reissue, as well as a non-Beatles track that you might like. 

In this episode, we dissect the early John Lennon song "I Call Your Name," which never found a happy home in the Beatles catalog (it was put on an EP, then a B-side, etc.). We discuss some interesting instrumental and musical features about the song, and as always, play you a variety of unique cover songs. Enjoy!

In this episode we review and discuss Dhani Harrison's new album "In Parallel." Dave and Chris both give it a thumbs up and argue that Dhani's first solo album is well worth a listen.

In this episode, Dave interviews Andy Leach, Senior Director of Library and Archives at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. Andy talks about everything Beatles-related at the Museum and in the Library/Archives, and shares a lot of history about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame too.


Check out the Library/Archive/Museum website at:


Join us as we review Ringo's new album Give More Love. We talk about the best tracks, the numerous players on the album (including Sir Paul) and some of the more interesting lyrics on the album. We recommend giving it a listen!

Join us in this episode where we discuss the impact of Phil Spector on the Let It Be album and decide whether he really "ruined" some songs on the album like "The Long And Winding Road." Let us know if you think Spector's influence was a positive or negative one on our Facebook page, or by email:

You can also email us for a chance to get a free copy of Rob Sheffield's new book Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World (listen toward the end of the podcast for details).


In this episode we discuss the Apple career of Mary Hopkin, signed to Apple Records by Paul McCartney and singer of a couple of hits including "Those Were The Days." We discuss her first Apple album produced by McCartney called Postcard, as well as her Tony Visconti-produced second Apple album, Earth Song/Ocean Song.

Dave interviews Dr. Ken Womack, Dean of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Monmouth University and author of numerous Beatles books. His newest book is called Maximum VolumeThe Life of Beatles Producer George Martin, the Early Years, 1926–1966. The Amazon link to Ken's book is here:

Be sure to check out Ken's work at his website:


Join us as we dig into George Harrison's last "Indian" Beatles song from 1968, "The Inner Light." We discuss the music, lyrics, and as always, scrounge up a few rare cover versions.

We dig into the Sgt. Pepper super deluxe box set in this episode, talking about the four CDs, the book, and everything else in the box. A must for every Beatlefan!

Dave interviews four fellow presenters at the "Summit of Creativity: Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary" conference at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor on June 2, 2017. Dave talks to Aviv Kammay, Katie Kapurch, Kit O'Toole, and Aaron Krerowicz about what Sgt. Pepper means to them, as well as other topics. 

Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we share a retrospective of our first 100 episodes with highlights, notable audio clips, some funny moments, and more. Thanks so much for your continued support, and enjoy this look back!

In this episode we weigh in on the new Paul McCartney reissue of his 1989 album Flowers in the Dirt. We'll take you through the original album, as well as discuss the bonus tracks with Elvis Costello. Enjoy!


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Listen to Dave's interview with Scott Cardinal, an expert and author of several books and audio guides on famous Beatle homes. We discuss the history of the Dakota, Tittenhurst Park, and Friar Park, as well as lots of information about the Beatles who lived there. You'll learn many fascinating details about John, George, and Ringo's experiences living in these homes.

Check out Scott's work at:

Listen to the first in a semi-occasional series called "Put Them in the Movies," where we'll discuss various Beatles-related films and videos. For our first installment, we discuss Ringo's 1978 TV special Ringo, which had a slew of guest stars and a loose "plot" to promote Ringo's new album at that time, Bad Boy. Enjoy!

After John Lennon released "Double Fantasy" in 1980, there was some speculation that he would go on a tour in 1981. In this episode, we each make set lists for a possible Lennon tour, which features his most recent tunes but also goes back into the archives a bit as well. Share your set list and reactions on our Facebook page or by email at

In this episode we examine one of the most famous non-Beatle artists on Apple Records, Billy Preston. Of course he played on some Beatles songs and was well-known as a keyboard player, but he also recorded two albums for Apple Records in 1969-70. We'll discuss these albums and pick our favorite tracks for you to enjoy.

Happy 2017 everyone! In the latest episode of Beatles covers, we choose what we feel are the absolute worst renditions. You'll hear "performances" by such standouts as Milton Berle and Bill Cosby, missteps from Bono and the Grateful Dead, as well as a lot of other songs we can only call "bad." 

For our final episode of 2016, we present one more song under the microscope; this time it's the Beatles' 1994-95 "reunion" song "Free As A Bird," recorded for the Anthology project. Hear about the recording process of bringing John into the group again, Jeff Lynne's contributions, the music, lyrics, and where the song fits into the Beatles' catalogue.

Thanks for all your support in 2016, and we look forward to many more episodes in 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving! Just in time for the shopping season, check out our annual episode where we discuss all sorts of Beatles-related recordings, DVDs, books, and much more. We also share our favorite classic reissue, as well as a non-Beatles track that you might like. 

In this episode we discuss and review Paul McCartney's 1986 album Press To Play. The album was Paul's attempt to find a "current" sound with producer Hugh Padgham, but the results and critiques were very mixed. We found some songs worth a listen, so check out what we had to say!

In this episode, we discuss and evaluate the greatest hits collections for the solo Beatles. We talk about "Shaved Fish," "Blast From Your Past," "Wings Greatest," "The Best of George Harrison," and many more. Which one(s) should you buy? Listen and find out!

In this episode, Chris interviews first-generation Beatles fan Brenda and her daughter Hillary as they drive back from seeing Paul McCartney in July in Cincinnati at US Bank Arena. Enjoy hearing Brenda's remembrances growing up as a Beatlefan as the trio also discusses the Macca concert they just saw.

Check out our review of the new Ron Howard documentary about the Beatles' touring years. We'll discuss our favorite parts and scenes, as well as how the movie works overall. Go see it if it's in your area now!

This is the conclusion of Dave's interview with Lennon expert and author Jude Southerland Kessler, author of "The John Lennon Series." See Jude at "Beatles at the Ridge" in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on September 16-17, 2016.

There probably isn't a more controversial figure in the Beatleworld than Yoko Ono. But people mostly discuss her in reference to the Beatles, and not as a musical artist. In this episode, Dave and Chris talk about and play their favorite Yoko songs, and present a more diverse and fascinating picture of her music that goes beyond the stereotypes.

Dave interviews historian and author Jude Southerland Kessler, author of several books about John Lennon including Shoulda Been There about her background, her work, and her thoughts about a variety of topics related to John Lennon. Part 2 of the interview will be released in the near future.

(apologies for some Skype echo on Jude's voice during part of the interview)

We've had some requests to discuss songs by the Traveling Wilburys for some time now, so here we go! In this episode, we talk about "Handle With Care," probably the supergroup's most famous song. Hear about the contributions from Harrison, Dylan, Petty, Lynne, and Orbison on this terrific song.

After discussing Pure McCartney in Episode 82, we decided to go through the various compilation collections that the Beatles released. In this episode we dig into such gems as the "Red" and "Blue" albums, "Love Songs," and even "1." In the future, we'll complete our look at compilations by discussing the solo collections.

The recent release of Paul McCartney's curated collection Pure McCartney has stirred up a lot of discussion regarding compilations, their purpose, and what fans really want in such a collection. In this episode, we share our ideas about the collection, discuss its content, and express our hopes for more interesting collections in the future.

In this episode we discuss the first artist signed to Apple Records, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jackie Lomax. Lomax had all the stars aligned for success--he knew the Beatles well, Brian Epstein was interested in signing him, his only album on Apple Records ("Is This What You Want?") featured some great musicians, but his career never really took off. Hear us discuss the album, Lomax's background, and speculate about why he didn't make it big.

We thought it'd be fun to travel through Sir Paul's extensive catalog and highlight some of his "silliest" songs (interestingly, "Silly Love Songs" didn't make the list!). We put them into categories ranging from experiments gone awry, to songs that don't rock even though you think they would, and many more. You'll hear some famous songs as well as a lot of obscure tunes, and we hope you'll laugh a little bit at some of them!

We're back with another look at a "song under the microscope," this time the great John Lennon tune "Dear Prudence" from the White Album. Hear about the musical and lyrical structure, some interesting cover songs including one by "David Paul," as well as recent words from the subject of the song, Prudence Farrow. Enjoy!

In 1976, Ringo Starr released an album with the unusual title Ringo's Rotogravure. It was the last album of his to feature all three Beatles writing songs for him, and it also features a song by Eric Clapton as well. We review the album--which received very mixed reviews--in this episode--and talk about how it came together, including a case where one Beatle sued another!

Dave and Chris present a tribute to Beatles producer Sir George Martin, who passed away in March of this year at the age of 90. We host a debate about some key issues that involved Martin, including his thoughts about the White Album being one disc, what his greatest contribution to the Beatles was, and some of his non-Beatles productions. Truly a legend and truly the Fifth Beatle!

In this episode, Dave interviews Kit O'Toole, the author of Songs We Were Singing: Guided Tours Through the Beatles' Lesser-Known Tracks and Michael Jackson F-A-Q: All That's Left to Know about the King of Pop. You can find Kit's work on her website, and follow her on Twitter @kitotoole.

In this episode (our 75th! Thanks, everyone!) we rank George's 22 original songs recorded on the standard 13 Beatles albums from "Don't Bother Me" to "I Me Mine." Dave and Chris agree on the placement and order of most songs, but have some wildly different views on others. 

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